Building carbon farming markets and policies we can trust.

Credible is coordinating the conversations happening within 11 technical Focus Groups, each one of them addressing current challenges to the diffusion of carbon farming. These discussions are articulated around 3 main topics: which practices, what standard, how to monitor. This division is also reflected in the structure of the work plan, which is organised in 4 work packages (WP).

WP1 - Practical knowledge and fit-for-region blueprint for carbon scheme development.

The general goal of this WP is to favour a shared understanding of the agronomic approaches that, depending on the local bioclimatic context, could accelerate carbon removals in European soils. Issues linked to the potential impact of carbon farming on other ecosystem services, as well as trade-offs with food security and biodiversity, will be explored. To know more about the work of the specific Focus Groups involved, visit get involved.

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WP2 - Navigating and selecting carbon standards and policy instruments.

The overall ambition of this world package is to have experts on current standards and certification methodologies to identify the requirements for building carbon farming markets we can trust. The impact of different policy instruments and mechanisms for safeguarding the environmental integrity of claims and to promote carbon farming through different mechanisms is also being explored. To know more, discovered the specific Focus Groups that are linked to this work package visit get involved.

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WP3 - Existing monitoring capabilities as enablers of soil data collection and sharing.

The foundation of robust carbon farming mechanisms lays in our capacity to cost-effectively monitor soil carbon stocks. The main goal of the conversations to be coordinated within this work package is to identify options for a harmonised data capturing and management across the EU. The Soil Mission's projects Marvic (web) and MRV4SOC (web) strongly contributes to shaping the discussion around available MRV options.

The soil Mission's projects MarvicMRV4SOC

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Global ocean surface temperature from 20th century average

Average ocean surface temperature graph of the 20th century

Source: NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

WP4 - European carbon farming summits.

One of the main objectives of the Credible project is to position an annual event as the place where stakeholders meet in order to shape the future of carbon farming. These summits will initially be focused on capturing the scientific expertise required to build robust methodologies. However, from 2025, they will target the broader stakeholder community, and grow into a market/policy shaping event. Read this article to discover the key findings of the last summit, or visit the summit website to find the latest news and get access to the recording of the plenary sessions.