Have your say on how to enable quick and scalable carbon removal in agricultural soils.

In order to tackle complex issues, it is good practice to split them into smaller challenges that we can feasibly address. This is why the Credible consortium proposes to shape carbon farming in the EU by taking concrete steps toward solving 11 specific limitations/challenges. We invite stakeholders to have their say on how to best do this. There are 3 ways of doing it:

Attend the EU Carbon Farming Summits

Carbon Farming Summit expo

The summits are intended as a space for stakeholder to meet, share new technical advances, and discuss potential ways forward for removing barriers to the diffusion of carbon farming. The format of these events is similar to the notorious Conference Of Parties (COP), with, from one side, spaces to present knowledge/initiatives and, from the other, working sessions for the Focus Groups will be hosted to generate reports or recommendations. Go to the summit's web to know more about it.

Become an active member of a Focus Group

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To become a member of a Focus Groups means to commit to a multi actor process for identifying potential solutions. Details on how the conversations are coordinated can be found in this PDF document. Ideally Focus Group members should represent previous and current project/initiatives, with an extensive knowledge on the issue at stake. Select a specific Focus Group at the bottom of this page to better understand its goal and specific objectives.

Participate in the public consultations we host

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Focus groups are expected to generate periodic outputs in the form of opinions, recommendations or reports. A specific section in this website has been created to allow stakeholders to comment these outputs. The comments will be used to inspire follow up rounds of conversations in the relevant Focus Group. Select the topic from the drop-down list to see whether a public consultation is currently open.