Driving high-level conversations to shape carbon farming markets and policies.

In facing our current climate crises, the priority must be reducing emissions, period. In parallel, we need to identify mechanisms to remove the greenhouse gases we are releasing into the atmosphere.

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Credible is an EU-funded coordination and support action. Its main goal is to build consensus on the methodologies that could maximise the capacity of soils to act as carbon sinks. To know more, explore the consensus-building process.

Consensus-building process

Credible functions as a knowledge hub for driving carbon farming forwards. It is organised as a network of networks, involving existing research projects, initiatives, commercial sectors and public administrations. If you think you can bring value to the network, visit get involved.

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In our vision, carbon farming should be seen as a transformation tool, enabling the transition toward regenerative food systems and restored landscapes. It will be most impactful when based on methodologies and schemes that are meaningful at the regional level, capable of inspiring rural communities in bringing life back to the soil. The term fit-for-region carbon farming is used to express this concept explore regional alliances. Carbon accounting is very important, but even more so generating awareness among land managers on how new policies and business models can support such a transition.